The serenity of Buddhism has spread universally. For the devout, a journey to Rajgir, Bodhgaya, Sarnath and Varanasi is nothing short of a moving pilgrimage in the foot steps of the Buddha. Buddhism has inspired one of the most dynamic art and architecture movements of the world. The eight events which are repeatedly represented in Buddhist art, are associated with Lumbini his birth place, Bodhgaya where he attained enlightenment, Sarnath his first sermon, Rajgir where he tamed a wild elephant Sravasti-a great miracle, San kasya, where he descended from Heaven and Kushinagar where he died.


8 Days from USD 950

Delhi | Patna | Rajgir | Bodhgaya | Varanasi | Sarnath | Kushinagar | Balrampur | Lucknow | Delhi


Day 1: Delhi/Patna (by flight)

Afternoon excursion to Vaishali (1 hour) the place where the Buddha preached his last sermon, announcing his approaching Nirvana. Visit the Stupa, holding urns containing ashes of the Buddha and the Ashoka pillar which were erected by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka to mark the place sanctified by the Buddha. Vaishali is also famous for Madhubani paintings on the walls of village houses.

Day 2: Patna/Rajgir (2 hrs. drive)

Drive to Rajgir capital of the 6th century Magadha empire. It was the revered site of the Buddha's religious discourses. The Buddha spent many years here, tending the regions hills and wilderness ideal for contemplation. Visit the Gridhrakuta, Saptaparni Cave, Ajatasatru fort and Venuvana. After noon, visit to Nalanda, the worlds oldest university founded in the 5th century. Visit the monasteries and temples with impressive Buddhist and Hindu images, also visit Institute for Research into Buddhism and Pali literature which houses rare manuscripts. Also visit archeological museum.

Day 3: Rajgir/Bodhgaya

Drive to Bodhgaya enroute visit Borobar coves (4 hrs walk) earliest examples of rock cut sanctuaries. Mast impressive craftsmanship of carving and inscriptions can be seen.The caves are also the inspiration of the setting of E.M.Foresters "A Passage to India".

Day 4: Bodhgaya

Is one of the holiest Buddhist pilgrimage centers, for, it was here that Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment to become the Buddha. Visit the Stahabodhi temple, Japanese and Tibetan monasteries, Magadha university and museum.

Day 5: Bodhgaya/Varanasi

Early morning depart for Varanasi (by train). Afternoon city sightseeing visiting ghats and temples. Evening boat cruise on the Ganges.

Day 6: Varanasi/Sarnath/Kushinagar/Gorakhpur

Morning, excursion to Sarnath (10km). The principal center of Buddhism. It was here around 530 BC that Buddha preached his first sermon after gaining enlightenment. Visit the Dhamekh and the Dharmorajika stupas and the Buddhist shrines. Afternoon, drive to Kushinagar, the place where the Buddha passed into parinirvan or Visit stupas and monasteries.

Day 7: Gorakhpur/Balrampur

Visit Sravasti & Buddhist shrines.

Day 8: Balrampur/Lucknow/Delhi

Drive to Lucknow (150 kms) to board flight for Delhi.


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