Travel is all about experiencing the journey, the people, the food, the scenery, the magic, the ambience and the images the experience leaves you with. If you like to immortalize those images with photographs, then our Photography tours are for you.

Travel photography is the ultimate as it covers such a wide range of subjects and life and combined with locations such as India & Nepal there is probably nowhere else as photographically challenging and exciting. With professional travel & landscape Photographers accompanying our groups on tour, you will have every opportunity to improve your photography skills with workshops and as much or as little coaching and training as you want.

Whether you are an absolute beginner and just want to learn how to take better photos of your holiday, or whether you are a professional who needs no assistance, our Photography Tours cater to you.

What you do get is a tour schedule that is planned with photography in mind. We will be up and about early and at sunset to capture those magic moments when the light is just perfect for photography. Searching out the best times and the ideal light to get the best possible images will be a highlight of this trip and what better way than to share it than with other keen photographers. We will spend more time in places allowing you the opportunity to capture that perfect image, without feeling a need to rush and catch up with a group who's interests are not so focused on taking photos. Our tour Photographers will be on hand to assist, provide tips and hints and to critique and review the days captured images.

Teamed with truly Incredible itineraries, our Photo tours are a perfect way to experience India or Nepal and to capture your memories in images that are simply Incredible.